Jesús Ponce de León

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We investigate the cosmological consequences of a brane-world theory which incorporates time variations in the gravitational coupling G and the cosmological term Λ(4). We analyze in detail the model where Ġ/G ∼ H and Λ(4) ∼ H , which seems to be favored by observations. We show that these conditions single out models with flat space sections. We determine(More)
In this work, an improvement of the Complex Wavelet Additive Synthesis (CWAS) algorithm is presented. This algorithm is based on a discrete version of the Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform (CCWT) which analyzes the input signal in a frame-to-frame approach and under variable frequency resolution per octave. After summarizing several Time-Frequency(More)
In this work, a new estimator of the fundamental frequencies (F0) present in a polyphonic single-channel signal is developed. The signal is modeled in terms of a set of discrete partials obtained by the Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform (CCWT). The fundamental frequency estimation is based on the energy distribution of the detected partials of the input(More)
Braneworld theory provides a natural setting to treat, at a classical level, the cosmological effects of vacuum energy. Non-static extra dimensions can generally lead to a variable vacuum energy, which in turn may explain the present accelerated cosmic expansion. We concentrate our attention in models where the vacuum energy decreases as an inverse power(More)