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BACKGROUND Incomplete resection of a basal cell carcinoma does not necessarily imply tumour recurrence. OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to determine the clinical features most often associated with positive surgical margins and to establish whether positive margins effectively imply tumour recurrence. METHODS We did a retrospective evaluation of(More)
Motor neuropathy is an uncommon complication that may follow an outbreak of herpes zoster (HZ). About half of the reported cases have involved the cranial nerves, typically the facial nerve. The remaining cases have affected the nerves of the extremities. Interestingly, motor weakness of the thoracic segments is strikingly rare, even though this is where HZ(More)
Sir, Ashy dermatosis, or erythema dyschromicum perstans (1), is a chronic skin disorder characterized by hyperpigmented macules of various size on the trunk, face and extremities (2). It has rarely been described in HIV patients. We describe here the third known case of ashy dermatitis in a long-term HIV-infected patient. A 38-year-old Spanish male, an(More)
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