Jesús Medina Moreno

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Two mononuclear copper(II) complexes with the unsymmetrical tridentate ligand 2-[((imidazol-2-ylmethylidene)amino)ethyl]pyridine (HL), [Cu(HL)(H2O)](ClO4)2.2H2O (1) and [Cu(HL)Cl2] (2), have been prepared and characterized. The X-ray analysis of 2 revealed that the copper(II) ion assumes a pentacoordinated square pyramidal geometry with an N3Cl2 donor set.(More)
We perform a complete classification of the flux-induced 12d algebras compatible with the set of N = 1 type II orientifold models that are T-duality invariant, and allowed by the symmetries of the T 6 /(Z 2 ×Z 2) isotropic orbifold. The classification is performed in a type IIB frame, where only ¯ H 3 and Q fluxes are present. We then study no-go theorems,(More)
We construct the sphaleron solution, at zero and finite temperature, in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model as a function of the supersym-metric parameters, including the leading one-loop corrections to the effective potential in the presence of the sphaleron. At zero temperature we have included the one-loop radiative corrections, dominated by the(More)
Tridentate Schiff-base carboxylate-containing ligands, derived from the condensation of 2-imidazolecarboxaldehyde with the amino acids beta-alanine (H2L1) and 2-aminobenzoic acid (H2L5) and the condensation of 2-pyridinecarboxaldehyde with beta-alanine (HL2), D,L-3-aminobutyric acid (HL3), and 4-aminobutyric acid (HL4), react with copper(II) perchlorate to(More)
Reactions between [M(N(4)-macrocycle)](2+) (M = Zn(II) and Ni(II); macrocycle ligands are either CTH = d,l-5,5,7,12,12,14-hexamethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane or cyclam = 1,4, 8, 11-tetrazaazaciclotetradecane) and [M(CN)(6)](3-) (M = Fe(III) and Mn(III)) give rise to cyano-bridged assemblies with 1D linear chain and 2D honeycomblike structures. The(More)
AIM The only agent known to have a lasting beneficial effect in chronic hepatitis B is interferon alpha, which achieves long-term remission in 25-40% of the patients. The goals of treatment are to induce clearance of HBV DNA from serum, to return serum aminotransferases to normal, and to improve histological findings in the liver. The most important factors(More)
We present full numerical solutions to the system of a global string embedded in a six-dimensional space-time. The solutions are regular everywhere and do confine gravity in our four-dimensional world. They depend on the value of the (negative) cosmological constant in the bulk and on the parameters of the Higgs potential, and we perform a systematic study(More)
Resumen La morbilidad postoperatoria de las cardiopatías con-génitas intervenidas en edades tempranas sigue siendo elevada. A ello contribuyen tanto la malnutrición preope-ratoria como las repercusiones de la respuesta sistémica a la agresión, incluyendo la circulación extracorpórea. Se ha estudiado poco el metabolismo proteico en estos lac-tantes y niños(More)