Jesús Manuel Míguez

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Changes in different osmoregulatory and metabolic parameters over time were assessed in gills, kidney, liver and brain of gilthead sea bream Sparus auratus transferred either from seawater (SW, 38(More)
Gilthead seabream Sparus aurata were injected intraperitoneally with slow-release implants of coconut oil alone or containing cortisol (50 and 100 microg x g(-1) body weight), and sampled after two,(More)
The influence of high stocking density (HSD) and food deprivation was assessed on carbohydrate metabolism of several tissues of gilthead sea bream Sparus auratus for 14 days. Fish were randomly(More)
Enhanced lipid levels inhibit food intake in fish but no studies have characterized the possible mechanisms involved. We hypothesize that the presence of fatty acid (FA)-sensing mechanisms could be(More)
Living organisms show daily rhythms in physiology, behavior, and gene expression, which are due to the presence of endogenous clocks that synchronize biological processes to the 24-h light/dark(More)
To assess mechanisms relating to food intake and glucosensing in fish, and their interaction with stress, we evaluated changes in the expression of orexigenic (NPY) and anorexigenic (POMC, CART and(More)