Jesús M Muñoz

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In a previous paper (Braza et al., 1993) we quantified the social ability of pre-school children by means of two Indices: Amplitude of Behaviour (I.A.B.) and Amplitude of Partnership (I.A.P.). The aim of this study is to explore their possible relations with some agents of socialisation and to validate these indices of amplitude as a measure of social(More)
Cleistogamous capitula formed by Centaurea melitensis display a number of morphological and functional changes with respect to chasmogamous capitula that ensure self-fertilization. Because no studies have hitherto addressed the evolution of cleistogamy in Asteraceae, it was considered useful to ascertain whether these changes are attributable to one or more(More)
This work compares the geomorphologic evolution of the Huelva coast (SW Spain), some climatic-oceanographic data of the Cádiz Gulf and the recent storm record of this zone, covering the last 4 decades (1956-1996). An interesting correlation was found between the southwestern wind periodicity, the number of storm periods and the beach ridges observed in the(More)
The Philippines is among the emerging markets in the world. Along with China, the Philippines attracts international enterprises seeking to establish a presence in Asia. This study examines small/medium enterprises (SMEs) management and employee perceptions of customer service on a number of dimensions. The results suggest that managers and employees in the(More)
Staudinger-like cycloadditions between chiral, non-racemic N,N-dialkylhydrazones 1 and functionalized ketenes constitute an efficient methodology for the stereoselective construction of the beta-lactam ring. The potential for fine tuning of the dialkylamino auxiliary structure, the availability of a high-yielding deprotection method for the release of the(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this exploratory study is to examine whether performance of microenterprises located in a microenterprise zone (MEZO) in China is positively related to key management practices, entrepreneurial orientation, marketing capability, and technology capability. The paper aims to introduce the concept of MEZOs as a supplemental tool for(More)
This study proposes a model in which aggressive and prosocial behaviors exhibited in social conflicts mediate the influence of empathy and social intelligence to children's social preference by same-sex peers. Data were obtained from kindergarten to the end of the first grade. The sample yielded 117 Spanish children (64 girls and 53 boys) with a mean age of(More)
Silicon photodiodes are well suited to detect alphas coming from different sources as neutron reactions or radon daughters. In this work a radon in air detecting device, using an 18x18 mm silicon PIN photodiode is studied. The ionized airborne decay products formed during radon diffusion were focused by an accelerating high voltage to the PIN surface.(More)