Jesús M. Gómez de Gabriel

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The paper proposes lab work and student competitions based on the LEGO NXT Mindstorms kits and standard LabVIEW. The goal of this combination is to stimulate design and experimentation with real hardware and representative software in courses where mobile robotics is adopted as a motivating platform to introduce mechatronics competencies. Basic LabVIEW(More)
AURORA has been conceived in order to substitute hard and unhealthy human work inside greenhouses by means of an autonomous mobile robot outfitted with appropriate sensors and operation devices. Emphasis has been put in the development of a new robotic platform specifically designed for greenhouse tasks, governed by a control architecture that supports both(More)
This paper presents a robotic assistant for helping surgeons in minimally invasive surgery. The system provides the direct control of the camera positioning inside the abdominal cavity, including teleoperation capabilities. This prototype does not require any modification of a standard operating room for its installation and its application in surgical(More)
This paper proposes a Cartesian control scheme applied to a robotic assistant for laparoscopic surgery. This system's main characteristic is that it emulates the movements of a human assistant, guiding the laparoscopic camera with precision to focus on the area in question inside the patient. Furthermore this control scheme requires adjustment of certain(More)
This paper presents an adaptive trajectory planning method concerning to the robotic assistant ERM (endoscopic robotic manipulator), designed and developed by the authors for handling the camera in laparoscopic surgery. In order to emulate the human assistant, camera movements must be defined relative to the fulcrum point, where the optic passes through the(More)
This paper presents a compliant motion control method for the robotic assistant ERM (Endoscopic Robotic Manipulator), designed and developed by the authors for handling the camera in laparoscopic surgery. Since the robot has a passive wrist and it is not fixed to the operating table, the relative position between the robot camera holder and the insertion(More)
This project presents 100W AC Module based on current fed push-pull converter applied to photovoltaic modules. The main goal is to demonstrate the functionality of the chosen converter topology for implementation on low power distributed generation from photovoltaic panels on the integrated module configuration.
This work presents an approach to the evaluation of two interfaces for the control of a robotic surgical assistant. Each interface is associated to a different mode of controlling the system: by the surgeon (voice commands) or by the assistant (tactile interface). This two modes are allowed by the design of the manipulator, developed to occupy a small(More)
Designing surgical instruments for robotic-assisted minimally-invasive surgery (RAMIS) is challenging due to constraints on the number and type of sensors imposed by considerations such as space or the need for sterilization. A new method for evaluating the usability of virtual teleoperated surgical instruments based on virtual sensors is presented. This(More)