Jesús Jiménez

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This article develops a treatment of phonologically motivated gaps in paradigms within Optimal Paradigms theory (McCarthy 2005). The gaps are instances of absolute ungrammaticality, i.e. situations in which there is no output for a given input. In the approach developed here, gaps arise when phonological markedness constraints outrank constraints requiring(More)
BACKGROUND Intracoronary physiology techniques have been validated extensively for the assessment of epicardial stenoses but not for the lone study of coronary microcirculation. We performed a comparison between 4 intracoronary physiological indices with the actual structural microcirculatory changes documented in transplanted hearts. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
The paper discusses phonologically motivated gaps in inflectional paradigms. A model is offered in which the appearance of gaps is based on a tension between markedness constraints, faithfulness constraints, and constraints which require the expression of morphological categories. After presenting the model, additional implications are analyzed. Situations(More)
The box-counting algorithm is one of the most widely used methods for calculating the fractal dimension (FD). The FD has many image analysis applications in the biomedical field, where it has been used extensively to characterize a wide range of medical signals. However, computing the FD for large images, especially in 3D, is a time consuming process. In(More)
The life history of the whale shark (Rhincodon typus), including its reproductive ecology, still remains largely unknown. Here, we present results from the first whale shark population study around Darwin Island, Galapagos Marine Reserve. Following a diversified approach we characterized seasonal occurrence, population structure and size, and described(More)
Protocols have been established to clone adult cork oak trees by somatic embryogenesis using semisolid medium. However, for economically viable mass propagation, embryogenic cultures in liquid medium need to be developed. In this study, suspension cultures were initiated from embryo clusters obtained by secondary embryogenesis on a gelled medium lacking(More)