Jesús J Torres

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Infection by intracellular microorganisms with a special geographic distribution, such as Leishmania spp, has been reported in a limited number of patients undergoing solid-organ transplant (SOT). No cases of Leishmania spp infection in lung transplant patients were found in a review of the literature. In our series of 222 lung or heart and lung(More)
The increase in the number of solid organ transplants has resulted in an increased incidence of opportunistic infections, including infection by typical and atypical mycobacteria, with risk of developing tuberculosis. Pretransplant chemoprophylaxis with isoniazid has become increasingly common in an attempt to prevent the disease. The source of infection in(More)
PURPOSE Müller muscle-conjunctiva resection could be seen as a relative contraindication in patients with a prior history of a glaucoma filtering procedure, corneal disease, or corneal surgery. The concern centers around the theoretical risk of bleb-related complications or corneal damage from the palpebral conjunctival sutures. Our study aimed to determine(More)
PURPOSE In the procedure of sinus floor elevation, autogenous bone, allogenic grafts, and several other bone substitutes are used. However, autogenous bone is still considered the gold standard. Donor sites for autogenous bone are generally the iliac crest, oral cavity, calvarium bone, and tibia. In this work the experience with the use of a Safescraper(More)
Lung transplantation is an established procedure to treat patients with end-stage lung disease. The criteria for recipient selection are broadening to include patients with congenital defects of the immune system, such as X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia (XLA). We report 2 cases of successful double lung transplantation in patients with XLA. The 2 men had(More)
PURPOSE To offer an alternative to frontalis sling techniques to achieve a more horizontal traction vector force with the frontalis muscle flap. The proposed technique avoids malpositions such as pulling the upper eyelid in an anterior plane during maximum opening and ptosis of the eyelashes. METHODS The technique, performed in 5 patients with complete(More)
Cardiopulmonary transplantation (CPT) is indicated for patients eligible for heart transplantation (HT) or lung transplantation (LT) who have severe concomitant lung or heart disease. Only 2 groups perform CPT in Spain. We report our experience with 18 CPTs representing 8.2% and 5% compared with LT (220) and HT (362), respectively, from February 13, 1990 to(More)
We present 2 cases of orbital metastases of male breast cancer, a very rare association in the context of a rare disease. We also provide a review of the literature on this topic including the 4 previously reported cases. Our cases presented with diplopia and proptosis. Orbital biopsies were performed that revealed metastases of infiltrative ductal(More)
PURPOSE Anterior uveitis is one of the most important extraarticular manifestations of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). The aim of this study was to describe the frequency of uveitis, complications and ocular surgical procedures, to corroborate risk factors for the development of uveitis and to analyze its evolutive characteristics. METHODS(More)