Jesús González

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SCADA systems have historically been isolated from other computing resources. However, the use of TCP/IP as a carrier protocol and the trend to interconnect SCADA systems with enterprise networks introduce serious security threats. This paper describes two strategies for securing SCADA networks, both of which have been implemented in a laboratory-scale(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a passive scanner for Modbus networks. The tool integrates packet parsing and passive scanning functionality to interpret Modbus transactions and provide accurate network representations. In particular, the scanner monitors Modbus messages to maintain and update state table entries associated with field(More)
With the aim of obtaining a valid compression method for remote sensing and geographic information systems, and because comparisons among the different available techniques are not always performed in a sufficiently fair manner, we are currently developing a framework for evaluating several still image coding techniques. In addition to properly choose the(More)
This paper focuses the transformation process between quantitative data obtained from pattern analisis procedures, and qualitative statements which are suitable for semantic reasoning. Within a human motion modeling framework, we address how numerical information, which is embedded in a predefined state vector of an observed agent, instantiates logic(More)
Non-supervised multiple-agent tracking is a complex task which demands a structured framework in order to accomplish it. Therefore, this proposal presents a system which is modular and hierarchically organised. It consists in several levels, working in cascade, which are defined according to the different functionalities to be performed. The goal of this(More)
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