Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto

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The present study explores accuracy in estimating blood glucose levels (BGL) in children with type 1 diabetes and analyzes the kinds of symptoms and cues which they use to estimate their BGL. Forty two children with type 1 diabetes completed a SI/IC-3 scale consisting of 28 items (22 symptoms and 6 feelings), indicating those which they perceived at the(More)
An exploratory study on the development of beliefs about symptoms as signals of arterial hypertension. In spite of hypertension is known as an asymptomatic health problem, most of the people with such a diagnosis are convinced of experiencing very specific symptoms associated to specific changes in blood pressure (BP). In addition, such beliefs may affect(More)
The current goal of treatment in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) focuses primarily on symptom management and attempts to improve quality of life. Several treatments are at the disposal of physicians; lifestyle and dietary management, pharmacological treatments and psychological interventions are the most used and recommended. Psychological treatments have(More)
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