Jesús García Mata

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PURPOSE Fatigue is a symptom with a relevant impact on the daily lives of cancer patients and is gaining importance as an outcome measure. The Perform Questionnaire (PQ) is a new scale originally developed among Spanish-speaking patients for the assessment of perception and beliefs about fatigue in cancer patients. METHODS An observational longitudinal(More)
Metastatic breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease that presents in varying forms, and a growing number of therapeutic options makes it difficult to determine the best choice in each particular situation. When selecting a systemic treatment, it is important to consider the medication administered in the previous stages, such as acquired resistance, type of(More)
BACKGROUND The PERFORM Questionnaire is a 12-item scale developed for assessing fatigue in cancer patients in the clinical practice. It has advantages over other tools in that it is short and includes beliefs and attitudes of patients about fatigue. It was psychometrically validated in cancer patients with and without anemia. PURPOSE We evaluated the(More)
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