Jesús Fernández-Lucas

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In recent years, glycosiltransferases have arisen as standard biocatalysts for the enzymatic synthesis of a wide variety of natural and non-natural nucleosides. Such enzymatic synthesis of nucleoside analogs catalyzed by nucleoside phosphorylases and 2′-deoxyribosyltransferases (NDTs) has demonstrated to be an efficient alternative to the traditional(More)
Living cells are most perfect synthetic factory. The surprising synthetic efficiency of biological systems is allowed by the combination of multiple processes catalyzed by enzymes working sequentially. In this sense, biocatalysis tries to reproduce nature’s synthetic strategies to perform the synthesis of different organic compounds using natural catalysts(More)
Cross-linked magnetic chitosan beads were prepared in presence of epichlorohydrin under alkaline conditions, and subsequently incubated with glutaraldehyde in order to obtain an activated support for covalent attachment of nucleoside 2′-deoxyribosyltransferase from Lactobacillus reuteri (LrNDT). Changing the amount of magnetite (Fe3O4) and epichlorohydrin(More)
Nucleoside 2'-deoxyribosyltransferase (NDT) from the psychrophilic bacterium Bacillus psychrosaccharolyticus CECT 4074 has been cloned and produced for the first time. A preliminary characterization of the recombinant protein indicates that the enzyme is an NDT type II since it catalyzes the transfer of 2'-deoxyribose between purines and pyrimidines. The(More)
Here we report the draft genome sequence of Bacillus psychrosaccharolyticus, a cold-adapted bacterium with biotechnological interest. The genome contains genes related to the ability of this microorganism to grow at low temperatures and includes a nucleoside 2'-deoxyribosyltransferase, which can be used in the industrial synthesis of modified nucleosides(More)
We aimed to analyse the effect of experience level in the psychophysiological response and specific fine motor skills of novel and expert parachute warfighters during a tactical combat parachute jump. We analysed blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, salivary cortisol, blood glucose, lactate and creatinkinase, leg strength, isometric hand-grip strength,(More)
Parachute jump is an extreme activity that elicits an intense stress response that affects jumpers' body systems being able to put them at risk. The present research analysed modifications in blood oxygen saturation (BOS), heart rate (HR), cortisol, glucose, lactate, creatine kinase (CK), muscles strength, cortical arousal, autonomic modulation, pistol(More)
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