Jesús Favela

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In this paper we discuss how computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) can be deployed to develop new skills and habits in students at university level. These considerations led to the development of an adaptive environment to develop good programming habits. We start by describing the difficulties in teaching and learning programming and more(More)
Informal communication is an essential resource in hospital work; it is used as a means to collaborate and coordinate the way in which work is performed, as well as to locate and gather the artifacts and human resources required for patient care. The need of physical proximity to establish and hold informal communications has motivated the development of(More)
Although researchers have developed robust approaches for estimating, location, and user identity, estimating user activities has proven much more challenging. Human activities are so complex and dynamic that it's often unclear what information is even relevant for modeling activities. Robust approaches to recognize user activities requires identifying the(More)
Hospitals are convenient settings for deploying pervasive computing technology, but they also raise important privacy concerns. Hospital work imposes significant demands on staff, including high availability, careful attention to patients, confidentiality, rapid response to emergencies, and constant coordination with colleagues. These demands shape the way(More)
Handheld computers are increasingly being used by hospital workers. With the integration of wireless networks into hospital information systems, handheld computers can provide the basis for a pervasive computing hospital environment; to develop this designers need empirical information to understand how hospital workers interact with information while(More)