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Hospital workers are highly mobile; they are constantly changing location to perform their daily work, which includes visiting patients, locating resources, such as medical records, or consulting with other specialists. The information required by these specialists is highly dependent on their location. Access to a patient's laboratory results might be more(More)
Wandering is a common behavior among people with dementia (PwD). It is also one of the main concerns of caregivers since it can cause the person to get lost and injured. The frequency and manner in which a person wanders is highly influenced by the person's background and contextual factors specific to the situation. In this paper we investigate some of the(More)
Hospitals are convenient settings for deploying pervasive computing technology, but they also raise important privacy concerns. Hospital work imposes significant demands on staff, including high availability, careful attention to patients, confidentiality, rapid response to emergencies, and constant coordination with colleagues. These demands shape the way(More)
Pair programming is an Extreme Programming practice, where two programmers working side by side on a single computer produce a software artifact. This technique has demonstrated to produce higher quality code in less time it would take an individual programmer. We present the COPPER system, a synchronous source code editor that allows two distributed(More)
This issue's Works in Progress department includes five submissions covering a variety of research topics. The first two projects are sensor network oriented: a Java MIDP-based sensor network platform that's being offered as an open source development environment and a platform for monitoring and controlling distributed power generation systems. The third(More)
In this paper we discuss how computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) can be deployed to develop new skills and habits in students at university level. These considerations led to the development of an adaptive environment to develop good programming habits. We start by describing the difficulties in teaching and learning programming and more(More)