Jesús Fabián López-Pérez

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Juvenile granulosa cell tumor of the testis is an infrequent tumor of the gonadal stroma characteristic of the pediatric age. It usually appears as a scrotal mass and less frequently as an abdominal or inguinal mass. It may be associated with ambiguous genitalia and/or abnormal sex chromosomes. The recommended treatment is orchiectomy alone because local(More)
Embotelladoras ARCA was formed in 2001 by integrating three of the oldest bottlers in Mexico and became the second largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in Latin America. The company distributes its products in the northern region of Mexico and, since 2008, in the north of Argentina and Ecuador. The company have soft-drink sales of more than 1.2 billion(More)
A pickup and delivery vehicle routing problem from a realworld bottled-beverage distribution company is addressed. The problem consists of deciding how to load every trailer, how to configure the vehicles in terms of the trailers, and how to route the vehicles, so as to minimize routing and fixed costs. The problem includes several features such as time(More)
Wrack deposits are a common feature of sandy beaches worldwide. Despite their relevance, the habitat features of wrack debris and their potential influence on the distribution of upper shore arthropods remain poorly understood. In this study, the distribution of supralittoral arthropods was analysed by sampling areas covered and not covered by wrack on two(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study is to show the most frequent preanalytical sample errors from distinct decentralized phlebotomy centers. METHOD The study was conducted from May 2005 to March 2008. In this period 36,2054 requests and 2,880,742 tests were received from the 16 decentralized phlebotomy centers. When an unsuitable sample is received specific(More)
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