Jesús Ezequiel Molinar-Solís

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A Membership Function Generator Circuit (MFGC) with bias supply of 1.5 Volts and independent DCvoltage programmable functionalities is presented. The realization is based on a programmable differential current mirror and three compact voltage-to-current converters, allowing continuous and quasi-linear adjustment of the center position, height, width and(More)
At present, the Cellular Neural Network (CNN) is a potential parallel structure able to perform image processing tasks in real-time when is effectively implemented in CMOS technology. The CNN silicon integration success is due mainly to the local connectivity of processing cells. In this work, an alternative design based on floating-gate MOS inverters is(More)
In this paper, a low-complexity current-mode Winner-Take-All circuit (WTA) of O(n) complexity with logical outputs is presented. The proposed approach employs a Quasi-FG Inverter as the key element for current integration and the computing of the winning cell. The design was implemented in a double-poly, three metal layers, 0.5m CMOS technology. The(More)
In recent years, inverter-based sigma-delta (ΔΣ) modulators have received great attention as a suitable approach for the design of low-voltage, low-power, switched-capacitor ΔΣ. This method uses digital inverters as the active elements to construct the integrators in the ΔΣ loop. In some applications, a reduced(More)