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A Membership Function Generator Circuit (MFGC) with bias supply of 1.5 Volts and independent DC-voltage programmable functionalities is presented. The realization is based on a programmable differential current mirror and three compact voltage-to-current converters, allowing continuous and quasi-linear adjustment of the center position, height, width and(More)
In this paper, a different CNN implementation based on floating-gate ioverters is presented. The methodology adjusts the original CNN model in order to incorporate a floating-gate inverter and reduce hardware complexity. The approach brings a fast response compatible with standard digital circuits. Eight different processing tasks were tested on a 4x4 CNN(More)
An additional stage for a Low Voltage Lazzaro's Winner Take All (WTA) circuit is introduced. It allows lowering the voltage supply requirements so that it can be functional in fine line CMOS technology. Electrical measurements of a prototype in CMOS 0.5 μm technology verify the operation of the WTA circuit with V DD = 1.5 V. Simulations in PSpice and(More)
In general terms, it is not possible to establish symbolic explicit analytic expressions of the operating point and transient analysis for circuits containing diodes modelled using an exponential function. Therefore, this work propose replacing the diode for an equivalent circuit obtained by using a power series and a Taylor series consecutively. Finally,(More)