Jesús Arriaga

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We consider the low-frequency limit (homogenization) for propagation of sound waves in periodic elastic medium (phononic crystals). Exact analytical formulas for the speed of sound propagating in a three-dimensional periodic arrangement of liquid and gas or in a two-dimensional arrangement of solids are derived. We apply our formulas to the well-known(More)
This comment concerns the homogenization of 2D dielectric photonic crystals, and the fact that the limits k → 0 (k is the Bloch vector) and ε → +∞ do not commute for p-polarized waves (it is so for s-polarized waves, which is a straightforward case). This result has been claimed to be true by Nicorovici & al. in a series of paper [1–3] and it has been(More)
: Theoretical demonstration and experimental evidence of photon Bloch oscillations and Wannier-Stark ladders (WSLs) in dual-periodical (DP) multilayers, based on porous silicon, are presented. An introduction of the linear gradient in refractive indices in DP structure, which is composed by stacking two different periodic substructures N times, resulted in(More)
We consider the long-wavelength limit for two-dimensional photonic crystals - periodic arrangement of dielectric rods with dielectric constant /spl epsi//sub a/ embedded in a dielectric background (/spl epsi//sub b/). Using the Fourier expansion method in the low-frequency limit we develop an effective medium theory and give a rigorous proof that, in this(More)
— This paper contents the work carried out about recovering, manipulating, unificating, labeling and processing of documents developed within the congresses of TAEE (Technologies Applied to the Teaching of Electronics). The process developed consists in the creation of digital objects and documents arising from the extraction of metadata that define each(More)