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G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) belong to the largest group of membrane proteins involved in signal transduction. These receptors are implicated in diverse physiological and pathological events. The human beta(2) adrenergic receptor (hbeta(2)AR) is one of the few GPCRs whose 3-D structures are available on the Protein Data Bank. Because there is great(More)
RenderScript is a set of tools designed by Google to support parallel processing on mobile devices with Android. This tools were designed to run on dierent processing components such as Central Processing Units (CPU), Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and it allows portability between mobile electronics devices such as(More)
This paper provides a computational analysis of wind impact on different geometric configurations of Savonius turbines proposed and previously studied in specialized literature. As a result of comparative analysis of turbines, we performed a flow analysis over a micro-turbine array, proposed a twisted Savonius turbine respecting its original profile, and(More)