Jesús Alvarado-Ortega

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Two species of fossil polydesmidan millipedes (Diplopoda: Polydesmida) embedded in amber are described from Miocene strata near Simojovel, in the Chiapas Highlands, Mexico. Maatidesmus paachtun gen. et sp. nov., placed into Chelodesmidae Cook, 1895, and Anbarrhacus adamantis gen. et sp. nov., assigned in the family Platyrhacidae Pocock, 1895. Morphological(More)
Based on specimens from the Lower Cretaceous Tlayua Formation of Mexico, we describe a new genus and species of Halecomorphi, Cipactlichthysscutatus gen. et sp. nov, which exhibits several diagnostic characters such as the dermal bones and the scales with ganoin and highly ornamented by numerous tubercles and ridges; parietal slightly longer than wide with(More)
†Sorbinicharax verraesi is a marine teleostean fish from the Upper Cretaceous of Nardò (Italy). It was first attributed to the otophysan order Characiformes, which represents potential evidence for the controversial marine origin of the clade. Through a review of all the available material, we demonstrate that this species is not an otophysan since it lacks(More)
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