Jesús Alonso Rodríguez Godoy

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BACKGROUND/AIM The aim of this work was to establish a potential correlation between specific polymorphisms and presence of hepatic fibrosis in Mexican patients with established liver fibrosis (ELF). Second, necroinflammatory index improvement was correlated with Pirfenidone (PFD) treatment response and the same polymorphisms. METHODS We analyzed TGF-beta(More)
The two components of the gastroesophageal barrier, the sphincter and the crural sling, closely overlap in humans, whereas they are widely separated in the rat. This investigation correlates the anatomical components of the barrier and their manometric counterparts in this animal. Sphincteric and crural sling pressures were measured in four quadrants in 23(More)
BACKGROUND Pathologic skin scarring reversion remains a big challenge for surgeons, as disfiguring scars have a dramatic influence on patient's quality of life. METHODS A controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate 8% pirfenidone (PFD) gel administered topically 3 times a day during 6 months to 33 pediatric patients with hypertrophic scars caused(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Poland syndrome (PS) is a congenital anomaly of the thoracic wall characterised by a variable degree of unilateral agenesis of pectoralis major and minor muscles associated with ipsilateral breast, rib and upper-arm anomalies. In female patients, breast reconstruction is particularly challenging because of cranial pectoralis muscle(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Esophageal dysmotility shown by perfusion manometry in children with gastroesophageal reflux can be primary or acquired. This study examines by combined ambulatory pH-metry and manometry the nature of motor dysfunction and whether it improves after surgical cure of reflux. METHODS Sixteen refluxing children aged 131 +/- 54 months were(More)
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