Jesús Acosta Elías

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Although lizards have been predicted to show extensive intraoral prey-processing behaviors, quantitative analyses of the types of prey-processing behavior they demonstrate and of their kinematics have been limited. The more basal lizard lineages (Iguanians) have undergone some study, but the prey-processing repertoires of crown taxa have not been thoroughly(More)
In many Internet scale replicated system, not all replicas can be dealt with in the same way, since some will be in greater demand than others. In the case of weak consistency algorithms, we have observed that updating first replicas having most demand, a greater number of clients would gain access to updated content in a shorter period of time. In this(More)
One of the main challenges of grid systems of large scale and data intensive is that of providing high availability and performance, in spite of the unreliability and delay occasioned by the size of Internet. Replication enables us to meet such a challenge with success. In the context of weak consistency, the fast consistency algorithm prioritizes replicas(More)
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