Jesús A. Martín-González

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BACKGROUND In patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), asymmetric motor signs provide an interesting model to evaluate whether asymmetric nigrostriatal degeneration can affect neuropsychological function and other nonmotor symptoms (NMS). This study was designed to evaluate the predominant laterality of motor symptoms and its relationship with cognition and(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that the European human settlement is older than 1.2 Ma. However, there is a fierce debate about the continuity or discontinuity of the early human settlement of Europe. In particular, evidence of human presence in the interval 0.7-0.5 Ma is scarce in comparison with evidence for the previous and later periods. Here, we present(More)
—An infrared optical wireless system is presented, consisting on autonomous remote nodes communicating with a central node. The network is designed for telecommand/telemetry purposes, comprising a large number of nodes at a low data rate. Simultaneous access is granted by using CDMA techniques, and an appropriate selection of the code family can also keep(More)
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