Jesús A. López

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In this paper we report outcomes of our computational analysis applied to time-series gene expression data generated by Kagami et al [7]. Gene expression data were generated using Affimetrix chips and validated by quantitative RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) expression analysis of 12 randomly selected and differentially expressed(More)
This paper presents an artificial beehive algorithm for optimization in continuous search spaces based on a model aimed at individual bee behavior. The algorithm defines a set of behavioral rules for each agent to determine what kind of actions must be carried out. Also, the algorithm proposed includes some adaptations not considered in the biological model(More)
In this work a three-phase power supply to emulate voltage disturbances that occur in an electrical network is presented. The type of disturbances that can be generated are voltage drop (voltage sags), over voltage (voltage swell). To maintain the value of the disturbance is necessary to implement a close loop with a control technique on it. Three control(More)
The possible applications of Themographic Nondestructive Testing (TNDT) have been limited due to nonlinear nature of inverse problems such as the calculation of defect’s depths in a material. The Neural Networks have been applied to extract quantitative information in TNDT where the presence of noise and the inverse nature of the characterization problem(More)
In this work, an algorithm based on the Ant System was used for the dynamical resource allocation in a multiple input/output experimentation platform. This platform, which mimics a temperature grid plant, is composed of multiple sensors and actuators organized in zones. The use of ants in this application allows the search the best actuator in each sample(More)
This paper reviews a variety of different graphical notations currently in active use for modelling dynamic processes in bioinformatics and biotechnology, and crystallises from these notations a set of properties essential to any proposal for a modelling language seeking to provide an adequate systemic description of biological processes.