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The paper considers the contribution of conductivity changes undergone in an anisotropical medium to measured resistance. This was achieved by extending the relationship proposed by Geselowitz to anisotropical materials described, therefore, by a conductivity tensor. It was found that each element of a conductivity change tensor contributed to the measured(More)
  • J Wtorek
  • 2000
The main aim of the study is to establish a relation between different sources of Impedance cardiogram (ICG) as function of spatial distribution of conductivity. A three-dimensional model of a human thorax using the finite element method has been constructed. The model includes 35 horizontal layers consisting of up to 519 pentahedral elements that are(More)
INTRODUCTION Using a novel method called near-infrared transillumination backscattering sounding (NIR-T/BSS) that allows for the non-invasive measurement of pial artery pulsation (cc-TQ) and subarachnoid width (sas-TQ) in humans, we assessed the influence of sympathetic activation on the cardiac and respiratory contribution to blood pressure (BP) cc-TQ(More)
A Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is a death resulting from cardiac failure with no significant symptoms earlier than one hour before occurrence. It is the cause of for approximately 400000 deaths per year in United States and millions of deaths worldwide. The proposed system, including two-stage algorithm and wearable diagnostic device allows for SCD risk(More)
Understanding cortical brain anatomy is a complex task, yet more and more vital in daily clinical practice (neuro-surgery, neuro-radiology, neurology). It is quite difficult to get a good insight in cortical brain anatomy when consulting a MRI study of the brain in a slice-by-slice fashion. A better 3D interpretation can be obtained via a 3D volume(More)
In this paper, septic safe methods of interaction with smart glasses, due to the health care environment applications consideration, are presented. The main focus is on capabilities of an optical, proximity-based gesture sensor and eye-tracker input systems. The design of both interfaces is being adapted to the open smart glasses platform that is being(More)
Pulse pressure velocity measurements (PPV) may be a source of useful information on artery state. A 2007 guideline of the European Society of Hypertension recommends assessing arterial stiffness in patients with arterial hypertension, by measuring the PPV. Mechanical changes in the cardiovascular tree involved in the blood ejection have been measured at the(More)