Jerzy Witkowski

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The laser signature phenomenon in an RF transversely excited slab-waveguide CO2 laser is investigated. In the experiment, the laser mirrors are separated by a heated aluminum rod. In that way a laser histogram – series of signatures is obtained when the laser is tuned by temperature changing of the optical path – the length of the rod between mirrors of the(More)
In this paper, interference aspects of terahertz transmission are considered. Possible interference effects in indoor THz communication are experimentally proved using a THz photomixer setup. The method of coherent homodyne detection is applied to explain the problem. Fourier Transform is used for precise analysis of the interference effects and(More)
One of the biggest problems of upper limb transplantation is lack of certainty as to whether a patient will be able to control voluntary movements of transplanted hands. Based on findings of the recent research on brain cortex plasticity, a premise can be drawn that mental training supported with visual and sensory feedback can cause structural and(More)
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