Jerzy Widuchowski

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STRESZCZEnIE Ostatnie dwadzieścia lat to okres burzliwego rozwoju metod leczenia uszkodzeń chrząstki stawowej oraz technik mających na celu jej regenerację. Praca przedstawia aktualne kierunki rozwoju metod leczenia uszkodzeń urazowych i schorzeń chrząstki stawowej z uwzględnieniem metod terapii genowej i inżynierii tkankowej. SUMMARY The last twenty years(More)
BACKGROUND If anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is to be performed, decision regarding graft choice and its fixation remains one of the most controversial. Multiple techniques for ACL reconstruction are available. To avoid disadvantages related to fixation devices, a hardware-free, press-fit ACL reconstruction technique was developed. The aim(More)
Systematic physical activity is a necessary element of normal development of a young human body. 1 2 From early childhood , people should participate in sports and recreational activities involving movement. However, organised and systematic learning of a given form of motor activity (physical training), particularly participation in sport competitions, may(More)
BACKGROUND Anterolateral soft tissue impingement of the ankle joint is a common consequence of ankle sprain due to excessive supination and adduction of the foot, injuries to the tibiofibular syndesmosis and lateral malleolus fractures. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-two arthroscopic procedures to treat anterolateral soft tissue impingement of the ankle(More)
BACKGROUND Aneurysmal bone cyst was first described by Jaffe and Lichtenstein in 1942. Schajowicz in 1972 in his Histopathological Classification of Primary Bone Tumors (later modified by WHO in 1993) placed it in group IX - tumor-like lesions. Its etiology and pathogenesis is not completely clear. Aneurysmal bone cysts are usually found in older children(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess the utility of the Coonrad-Morrey elbow prosthesis in patients with severe elbow dysfunction secondary to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or post-traumatic elbow dysfunction. MATERIAL/METHODS The study involved 35 patients followed up for a mean of 36 months. The patients were divided into those with RA (Group I)(More)
SUMMARY Background. Even though heterotopic ossification (HO) is most often asymptomatic in patients after total hip replacement (THR), it remains a serious problem in orthopaedics as it is observed in nearly all operated patients. Materials and methods: The article presents a pre-and post-operative retrospective analysis of heterotopic ossification based(More)
Wyniki operacyjnego leczenia niestabilnych z³amañ nasady dalszej kooeci promieniowej metod¹ przezskórnej stabilizacji drutami Kirschnera Results of operative treatment of unstable distal radius fractures using percutaneous K wire fixation S³owa kluczowe: stabilizacja zewnêtrzna, z³amanie, przedramiê SUMMARY Background. Distal radius fractures are a serious(More)
To asses a frequency of neurological complications concerned with transpedicular spine fixation 1127 inserted transpedicular screws were reviewed. Penetration of pedicle was found in 5.5% of inserted screws. Radicular symptoms accompanied 0.8% of screw insertions. Complications were concerned only to medial or subpedicular penetrations. Highest number of(More)
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