Jerzy Swiatek

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In this paper, we present boosted SVM dedicated to solve imbalanced data problems. Proposed solution combines the benefits of using ensemble classifiers for uneven data together with cost-sensitive support vectors machines. Further, we present oracle-based approach for extracting decision rules from the boosted SVM. In the next step we examine the quality(More)
The effect of lipid oxidation on water permeability of phosphatidylcholine membranes was investigated by means of both scattering stopped flow experiments and atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. Formation of water pores followed by a significant enhancement of water permeability was observed. The molecules of oxidized phospholipids facilitate pore(More)
Multicomponent lipid membranes in the liquid phase exhibit dynamic lateral heterogeneities which play an important role in specific cell membrane functions. A GPU-based parallel algorithm for two-dimensional lattice Dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of nanodomain formation in binary lipid membranes was developed and tested. Speedups of up to 50-times over(More)
In this paper the problem of parameter estimation of an input – output system is discussed. It is assumed that the system is described by the relation known with accuracy to some parameters. The possible noisy observations of system are described. The estimation algorithm based on maximum likelihood method is proposed. The presented approach is illustrated(More)
In the paper a personalization method using Markov model and Bayesian inference is presented. The idea is based on the hypothesis that user’s choice of a new decision is influenced by the last made decision. Thus, the user’s behaviour could be described by the Markov chain model. The extracted knowledge about users’ behaviour is maintained in the transition(More)