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Social networks have generated great expectations connected with their potential business value. The purpose of our research is to present that even a rudimentary application of data mining techniques can bring statistically significant improvement in marketing response accuracy throughout the virtual community. In our test the C&RT (classification and(More)
Data mining and/or case-based retrieval in object-oriented databases seems to be one of the crucial techniques in real-life engineering applications. The goal of this paper is to present the similarity measure for aggregation taxonomies. The computational complexity of the proposed measure is linear due to a domainoriented matching heuristic. A detailed(More)
Business usage of online social networks is a natural result of their intense development in last years. The information about members of a given community can be treated as a basis of correct identification of their needs and as a result adjusting personalized marketing messages. In this study, we will discuss the classification and regression trees(More)