Jerzy Surma

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Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) paradigm is very close to the designer behavior during the conceptual design, and seems to be a fruitable computer aided-design approach if a library of design cases is available. The goal of this paper is to presents the general framework of a case-based retrieval system: REPRO, that supports chemical process design. The crucial(More)
One of the most important challenges in developing problem solving methods is to combine and synergistically utilize general and specific knowledge. This paper presents one possible way of performing this integration that might be generally described as follows: "To solve a problem, first try to use the conventional rule-based approach. If it does not work,(More)
— Business usage of online social networks is a natural result of their intense development in last years. The information about members of a given community can be treated as a basis of correct identification of their needs and as a result adjusting personalized marketing messages. In this study, we will discuss the classification and regression trees(More)
Data mining and/or case-based retrieval in object-oriented databases seems to be one of the crucial techniques in real-life engineering applications. The goal of this paper is to present the similarity measure for aggregation taxonomies. The computational complexity of the proposed measure is linear due to a domain-oriented matching heuristic. A detailed(More)
A 135 GHz radiometer with a graphite waveguide/mirror system has been implemented on the Mark II DC graphite arc furnace for internal surface temperature measurements. Results are presented for the first low power test of Mark II which achieved a planned maximum temperature of 1100 C in a clean soil fill. The radiometer performed well, providing the first(More)