Jerzy Stelmachów

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In cell line studies, BCL-2, BAX, as well as novel MEK1 protein levels have strong influence on ovarian cancer response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy. However, such associations have not been demonstrated clinically. We evaluated prognostic/predictive significance of these proteins with regard to TP53 status. Immunohistochemical analysis was performed on(More)
The authors, based on their own material, evaluated the value of hysteroscopic treatment of endometrial polyps in a group of infertile women. Polypectomy was performed in 25 patients using either endoscopic microscissors or electric loop. Follow-up hysteroscopy was performed after two months as an integral part of the treatment. All the patients were(More)
The value of preoperative diagnostic procedures (FC, hysteroscopy, TVS, MRI, CT) used to evaluate cervical canal involvement in cases of endometrial carcinoma was assessed. The results of these diagnostic methods were compared to postoperative pathologic examination results. Evaluation of the cervix by CT was limited. High NPV of the rest of the methods(More)
Hysteroscopic tubal catheterization in patients with proximal tube obstruction, was successful in our material in 11 out of 15 cases. In 36.6% women this pathology was connected to the presence of pathologic microflora in the oviducts, as confirmed by bacteriological examination of tubal fluid. The pregnancy rate in endoscopically treated patients reached(More)
BACKGROUND Ovarian cancer is one of the causes of death in women, and in about 70% of cases is recognized only in advanced stages. This study was undertaken to evaluate distinctive values of transvaginal and color Doppler ultrasonography in differentiating malignant and benign adnexal masses through analysis of ultrasonic morphological features of(More)
BACKGROUND The prognostic and predictive value of cell cycle regulatory proteins in ovarian cancer has not been established. We evaluated the clinical and biological significance of P21(WAF1), P27(KIP1), C-MYC, TP53 and Ki67 expressions in ovarian cancer patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Immunohistochemical analysis was performed on 204 ovarian carcinomas(More)
Changes in cell survival contribute to tumour development, influence tumour biology and its response to chemotherapy. p53 gene alterations should negatively affect apoptosis by impaired p53-dependent apoptotic response. We looked for associations between spontaneous apoptosis, p53 gene mutation, p53 protein accumulation, growth fraction, bcl-2 expression(More)
Taxane-platinum therapy (TP) has replaced platinum-based therapy (PC or PAC, DNA damaging chemotherapy) in the postoperative treatment of ovarian cancer patients; however, it is not always effective. TP53 protein plays a differential role in response to DNA-damaging agents and taxanes. We sought to define profiles of patients who benefit the most from TP(More)
The blood retinol level in women with genital tract malignancies and in a control group has been determined. In all groups of patients the mean serum retinol level was significantly lower than in control group. Based on these results we can postulate, that the low retinol level could predispose to the development of malignancy in female genital tract.
In three parkinsonian patients ages 48, 53, and 50, human fetal dopaminergic cells taken from the ventral part of mesencephalon of 11-12-week-old fetuses were implanted into the head of caudate nucleus. The operation was carried out with a specially designed device to enable safe and precise graft implantation. All patients had been suffering from severe(More)