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The architecture of Context Analysis of the Camera Data Streams for Alert Defining Applications platform (Polish abbreviation: KASKADA, i.e. waterfall), a part of MAYDAY EURO 2012 project, is provided. A new multilayer processing model for multimedia streams is proposed. The model layers: services, computational tasks and processes are described. The(More)
KASKADA is a platform designed for supporting and managing multimedia processing in a supercomputer environment. Its core components and mechanisms are presented and discussed. In particular: multimedia stream organization and pre-processing, as well as event detection and handling for critical situations, are described. For each component of the platform(More)
This paper reports on application of cognitive dimensions to evaluation of a visual modeling language for multimedia stream processing, called MSP-ML, during the construction of the language. It includes presentation of the context of evaluation in the VML engineering process and motivation for MSP-ML, the method of evaluation, the results of evaluation and(More)
The paper presents modeling and simulation of energy consumption of two types of parallel applications: geometric Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) and divide-and-conquer (DAC). Simulation is performed in a new MERPSYS (Modeling Efficiency, Reliability and Power consumption of multilevel parallel HPC SYStems using CPUs and GPUs) environment. Model of an(More)