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Certificate-based encryption (CBE) combines traditional public-key encryption and certificateless encryption. However, it does suffer to the Denial of Decryption (DoD) attack called by Liu and Au. To capture this attack, they introduced a new paradigm called self-generated-certificate public key cryptography. In this paper we show that the problem of DoD(More)
Mobility of users and information is an important feature of IT systems that must be considered during design of sensitive information protection mechanisms. This paper describes an architecture of MobInfoSec system for sharing documents with sensitive information using fine-grained access rules described by general access structures. However, the proper(More)
The known threshold sharing schemes applied directly to large secret files are ineffective and dangerous. Ineffectiveness of standard methods results from the need to generate and store a large number of shadows. In turn, the low security level of standard methods may be caused by not taking into account the properties of large files, such as file format(More)
Security Team, specialist in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and PKI services, applied cryptography methods, vulnerable information access nd authorization systems and technical and legal problems of digital signature. Abstract Verification of claimed identity becomes a problem of growing significance nowadays, as the number of e-commerce transactions grows(More)
Current trends in information system design show that users should have access to services provided by information system offered on their mobile devices. Because many information systems store sensitive information, appropriate protection mechanisms must be deployed. This paper presents the software libraries (APIs) that can be used to implement(More)