Jerzy Monkiewicz

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The goal of the present studies was to determine the exogenous and endogenous reserves of lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper, and zinc. Examinations were carried out in 2006 (N=19), 2007 (N=20), and 2008 (N=20). Hair samples were collected from the back part of the Limousine cattle pastured in the vicinity of the Glogow copper smelter. The cows, aged 4 to 5(More)
Rabies is a viral contagious disease. During the disease there are unreversable inflammatory changes of the brain ending with death. Thus, every human and animal bite case is epidemiologicaly analyzed. The aim of the study was an analyze of cases of observation of companion and wild animals that had bitten humans in the city of Wroclaw and surrounding in(More)
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