Jerzy Krawczuk

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In 22 patients with alimentary tract neoplasma, granulocyte alkaline phosphatase activity was determined using the Kaplow's histochemical method. The enzyme activity was determined in peripheral blood before surgical intervention, in blood from vessel draining of tumor before its excision and in peripheral blood 2--3 weeks after excision of tumor. In(More)
OBJECTIVE Feature selection is a technique widely used in data mining. The aim is to select the best subset of features relevant to the problem being considered. In this paper, we consider feature selection for the classification of gene datasets. Gene data is usually composed of just a few dozen objects described by thousands of features. For this kind of(More)
Leukocyte--plasma suspensions and plasma from tumour patients have been tested in vitro against staphylococcus aureus for bactericidal capacity. Blood was collected during surgical intervention from peripheral vein and from the nearest point of vein to tumour. Second collection of peripheral blood was done 2--3 weeks later after surgery. Decrease of(More)
The activity of lysozyme in feces was estimated in a control group of 50 healthy infants and in a group of 152 infants with acute diarrhoea. All infants investigated were artificially nourished. In the latter group the activity of lysozyme was estimated twice: a) at the beginning of clinically active phase of the disease and (b) in the convalescence period(More)