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Sensor networks, that is networks of nodes with sensing ability, and wireless communication capacity are proving very useful in fields of environment and industrial monitoring, as well as security. Since the nodes are assumed to be as cheap as possible (with the so far unattained ideal being " smart dust "), and have limited energy capacity (batteries),(More)
A random mapping T ˆ D n maps the set {1, 2, ..., n} into itself and it is constructed using a collection of exchangeable random variablesˆD 1 , ...., ˆ D n which satisfy n i=1ˆD i = n. In the random digraph, G ˆ D n , which represents the mapping T ˆ D n , the in-degree sequence for the ver-tices is given by the variablesˆD 1 , ˆ D 2 , ..., ˆ D n and, in(More)