Jerzy Grygorczuk

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Thermal and mechanical material properties determine comet evolution and even solar system formation because comets are considered remnant volatile-rich planetesimals. Using data from the Multipurpose Sensors for Surface and Sub-Surface Science (MUPUS) instrument package gathered at the Philae landing site Abydos on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, we found(More)
In the paper a two decades long development of low velocity penetrators and devices derived from them in Space Research Centre is presented. The case study is penetrator developed for the Philae lander on the Rosetta that laid the fundament for further constructions. Two main Rosetta penetrator mechanisms described here are: the insertion mechanism that is(More)
The upcoming lunar lander missions, for example Chang'e 2 from CNSA and several mission proposals and studies currently under consideration at NASA (e. offer new possibilities to measure the thermal properties of the lunar regolith and to determine the global lunar heat flow more accurately than it is hitherto known. Both properties are of high importance(More)
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