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  • Jerzy Fiolka
  • 2015
The fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) is a generalization of the well-known Fourier transform. The FRFT depends on an order parameter a and can be interpreted as an a-th power of the ordinary Fourier transform operator. This tool has found widespread applications in areas such as optics, wave propagation analysis, signal and image processing, solving of(More)
  • Jerzy Fiolka
  • 2013
Knocking combustion in spark ignition (SI) engines is an undesirable mode of combustion. It causes many effects such as a rapid increase in pressure and temperature in the chamber and vibrations of the engine block. This phenomenon limits performance, durability and fuel economy and can lead to serious engine damage. The paper presents a knock detection(More)
The paper proposes a new approach to the analysis of the human postural stability. In this method, based on parametric representation of the center of pressure (COP) trajectory, a new one-dimensional signal is calculated. The use of the signal results in a reduction of the problem complexity and makes possible defining of new parameters that describe(More)
  • J. Fiolka
  • 2006
Knock in spark ignition (SI) engines is an undesired spontaneous auto-ignition of the unburned gas mixture, causing high combustion pressure pulses associated with vibration of the engine block. Knocking combustion limits performance, durability and produce more pollutants. In the paper the author proposes a fast knock detection method based on wavelet(More)
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