Jerzy Baranowski

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A new methodology is presented to assure numerically reliable integration of the magnetization slope in the Jiles-Atherton model of ferromagnetic core hysteresis. Two hardware description language (HDL) implementations of the technique are presented: one in SystemC and the other in very-high-speed integrated circuit (VHSIC) HDL (VHDL) analog and mixed(More)
In this paper method of impulse response approximation with orthogonal Laguerre functions is used for the approximation of bi-fractional filter (BFF). This filter is a new development in the field of non-integer order signal processing. Filter with three parameters allows advanced shaping of frequency response, especially the phase characteristic. Method of(More)
Robust non-integer control is an emerging field in control theory. Multiple works are focused on designing controllers with flatphase and robust stability margins. In this paper design of non-integer order with robust properties is considered. This controller is designed for the model of air heating process trainer system belonging to the Department of(More)
Paper presents a new method for implementing Oustaloup approximation of non-integer order systems in digital environment. Classical method and its limitations are presented and discussed. Method of realization is formulated and schemes for discretization are presented. Operation of method is illustrated with two examples. Work is ended with discussion of(More)
In this paper a special case of non-integer filters - namely bi-fractional filters (BFF) - are considered. Those filters are characterised by three parameters and offer rich possibilities of frequency response shaping. This paper is a continuation of an earlier research and focuses on stable filters with eigenvalues in right complex half plane. Conditions(More)
Modern, based on biomedical signals interfaces have become recently very complex, however the complexity does not always lead to increased functionality or usability. In particular, when it comes to handicapped users, the currently available solutions are far from satisfactory. In this paper an innovative approach for biomedical signals based interfaced(More)
The goal of this paper is to compare popular methods of approximation on non-integer order systems and propose strategies of increasing their robustness to numerical errors of their coefficients. It is shown, that popular methods during discretisation lead to instability.
There are many types of bio-signals with various control application prospects. In this work possible control application domain of electroencephalographic signal obtained from an easily available, inexpensive EEG headset - Emotiv EPOC was presented. This work also involved application of an embedded system platform. That solution caused limits in choosing(More)