Jerzy Żabiński

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A series of 20 pentamidine analogs were prepared using 2 general Schemes that evaluated heteroatoms, sulfobenzene and alkanediamide groups in the aliphatic linker and methoxy substituents attached to the benzene rings for efficacy against the fungal pathogen, Pneumocystis carinii in an ATP bioassay. All but one of the 20 bisamidines reduced the ATP content(More)
A series of linear pentamidine analogs exhibiting low cytotoxicity, active against Pneumocystis carinii, were evaluated for in vitro activities against bacterial and fungal strains. The majority of the tested bis-amidines exhibited marked activities against Gram-positive strains. In view of the fact that the highest potency was found for(More)
After three months of beclobrate treatment (100 mg once daily) of 63 patients with primary hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) significant decrease of total cholesterol concentration was found in type IIa by 12.9%, IIb by 23.7%, IV by 20.8%. LDL cholesterol concentration decreased in type IIa by 15.4%, IIb by 8.3%, in type IV non significant increase of LDL(More)
The effects of a new fibric acid derivative--beclobrate (Turec, Zyma) on serum lipid and apoprotein concentrations in 63 patients with primary hyperlipoproteinemia were examined. Beclobrate was given in the evening, 100 mg, once daily. After 3 months of beclobrate treatment mean total cholesterol concentration in serum decreased from 9.35 to 7.73 mmol/l(More)
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies have been carried out on magnetron-sputtered coatings in the Al-rich region of the Al-Cu-Fe-Cr quasicrystalline phase field, focusing on the composition that exhibited the best tribological performance among a group of sputtered coatings. The size of the particles in the as-deposited coating is around 10 nm.(More)
The anti-Pneumocystis carinii activity of 13 synthetic pentamidine analogs was analyzed. The experimental differences in melting points of DNA dodecamer 5'-(CGCGAATTCGCG)2-3' complexes (ΔTm), and in the biological activity measured using ATP bioluminescence assay (IC50) together with the theoretical free energy of DNA-ligand binding estimated by the(More)