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A set of normal orthogonal functions {χ} for the interval 0 5 x 5 1 has been constructed by Haar†, each function taking merely one constant value in each of a finite number of sub-intervals into which the entire interval (0, 1) is divided. Haar’s set is, however, merely one of an infinity of sets which can be constructed of functions of this same character.(More)
In a recent paper, W. Seidel and the present writer established distortion theorems for various classes of functions analytic in the unit circle; more explicitly, established relations between the derivatives of functions and their radii of univalence and of £-valence, with particular reference to behavior as a point approaches the circumference. Classes(More)
Professor Bôcher has shown how the roots of certain algebraic invariants can be determined as the positions of equilibrium in the field of force due to properly situated repelling and attracting particles, f He considers a number of fixed particles either in a plane or on the surface of a sphere (the stereographic projection of the plane) and each of these(More)
Customizing Web pages in a shared operating environment is a challenging task since users have different needs and expectations. One way to facilitate the customization process of Web page is to provide to users with a template engine. By using a template engine, the user can specify variability points in the target document that will be replaced with the(More)