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Th e three known North American species of Bryolymnia Hampson, 1908 are reviewed and three additional species are described as new. Two additional species, Elaphria ensina (Barnes, 1907) and Cryphia viridata (Harvey, 1876) are transferred to Bryolymnia as new combinations. Th e North American species are compared with related species in Central America.(More)
my fellow concerned citizens: the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice (FACJJ) commenced in 2004 and was charged with the responsibility of annually providing advice to the president and the Congress regarding State perspectives on legislation pertaining to juvenile justice and delinquency pre­ vention and advice on the operation of the u.S.(More)
This thesis is focused on the development of some important informatics methods that will assist drug discovery scientists in their pursuit of novel molecular structures, and it is representative of a novel information-based approach to drug design. This work utilized in silico based strategies, and did not involve standard computational chemistry(More)
An Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates direct access to the functionality provided by the web site and therefore leverages third-party efforts to add value to existing services. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of APIs being made available to customers. In the domain of eCommerce, more and more(More)
The genus Protorthodes McDunnough is revised to include 15 species including P. ustulata Lafontaine, Walsh & Ferris, sp. n., from southwestern United States, P. texicana Lafontaine, sp. n., from Texas and Mexico, and P. mexicana Lafontaine, sp. n., from Mexico. A new genus, Nudorthodes Lafontaine, Walsh & Ferris, is proposed for two species formerly(More)
Customizing Web pages in a shared operating environment is a challenging task since users have different needs and expectations. One way to facilitate the customization process of Web page is to provide to users with a template engine. By using a template engine, the user can specify variability points in the target document that will be replaced with the(More)
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