Jerry W. Wekezer

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The main objective of this study was to assess usefulness of 3-D, nonlinear dynamic, explicit computer codes for transit safety and security research. An analysis of response of a paratransit bus structure under loading caused by high explosive (HE) detonation is presented. It was assumed that the cubic HE charge detonates in the air near the bus. The(More)
The paper presents finite element (FE) model development and experimental validation for a truck tractor with a three axle single drop lowboy trailer. The main objective of this research activity was to create a simplified, three dimensional virtual FE model, applicable for computer simulation of dynamic interaction between a vehicle and a bridge or road(More)
Prototype guardrails, bridge rails, crash cushions and other roadside safety hardware have been designed in part by using engineering judgment, experience and intuition. These prototypes have been later evaluated by performing full-scale crash tests representing expected worst case scenarios. Since these tests are relatively expensive and because they(More)
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