Jerry W. Hedge

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Early characterization of the epidemiology and evolution of a pandemic is essential for determining the most appropriate interventions. During the 2009 H1N1 influenza A pandemic, public databases facilitated widespread sharing of genetic sequence data from the outset. We use Bayesian phylogenetics to simulate real-time estimates of the evolutionary rate,(More)
The Department of Homeland Security works to anticipate, preempt, detect, and deter threats to the homeland. Consequently, vigilance is a primary aspect of many " front-line " jobs oriented toward detection and prevention, where employees must pay close and sustained attention and maintain that attentiveness over time. Often this is to be found in some form(More)
For years, pilot selection has focused primarily on the identification of individuals with superior flying skills and abilities. More recently, the aviation community has become increasingly aware that successful completion of a flight or mission requires not only flying skills but the ability to work well in a crew situation. This project involved(More)
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