Jerry Vochteloo

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The medial nucleus of the amygdala (am) has been implicated in a variety of social behaviors. The present experiment will test the hypothesis that the effect of am lesions on intermale aggressive behavior is due to interference with social learning processes. Small electrolytic lesions of the am had no significant effect in socially naive male rats. A(More)
(The text of this report has been accepted for A CSC-17) Abstract With the development of 64-bit microprocessors, it is now possible to combine local, secondary and remote storage into a large single address-space. This results in a uniform method for naming and accessing objects regardless of their location, removes the distinction between persistent and(More)
2 Abstract Single-address-space operating systems (SASOS) are an attractive model for making the best use of the wide address space provided by the latest generations of microprocessors. SASOS remove the address space borders which make data sharing between processes dii-cult and expensive in traditional operating systems. This ooers the potential of(More)
A single address-space encompassing all virtual memory of a distributed computer system is an ideal environment for a persistent system. The issue of providing effective and efficient protection of objects in such an environment has, however, not been addressed satisfactorily. We propose a system which is based on password capabilities. A system-maintained(More)
Studies on the effects of rearing conditions on behavioural development showed that most monkeys reared with surrogate mothers persistently avoided a big novel object (paper bag) whereas most monkeys reared by natural mothers would approach it. Conditioned fear and conditioned avoidance, observational learning, and lack of support by the mothers' presence(More)
In two previous studies it has been shown that most surrogate-reared cynomolgus monkeys became phobic of a harmless object (a big paper bag) while most mother-reared monkeys approached that object. Results of the first study seemed to indicate that the phobic reaction was restricted to the bag. Barnett and Cowan (Interdisciplinary Science Review, 1, 43-62,(More)
One of the effects of rearing young monkeys on surrogate mothers is a delay in the development of exploratory behavior. An important question is which difference between mother and surrogate mother caused this delay. We hypothesized that the mothers' carrying the infant through the environment promotes the development of exploratory behavior and the radius(More)
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