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Information assurance is a new and rapidly evolving field. The best way to prepare professionals for the information age in light of the increasing security threat is not clear. We are attempting to educate future leaders in information assurance at the undergraduate level. At this level, we found two distinct types of students and determined that we can(More)
As part of an ongoing initiative to continually revise and improve its introductory computer science courses, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the United States Military Academy has added the use of LEGO Mindstorm robots as part of the active-learning environment used to teach Information Technology IT and programming basics. It(More)
The goal of the Appscio(tm) software platform is to ease the creation of multimedia content analysis applications that consist of components provided from multiple sources, in different programming languages, and for various operating systems. Appscio provides a unified approach that standardizes the entire process of development, deployment, and(More)
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