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Breast reduction is a common cosmetic surgical procedure. It aims not only at bringing down the size of the breast proportionate to the build of the individual, but also to overcome the discomfort caused by massive, ill-shaped and hanging breasts. The operative procedure has evolved from mere reduction of breast mass to enhanced aesthetic appeal with a(More)
Chronic wounds continue to be a major challenge for the medical profession, and plastic surgeons are frequently called in to help in the management of such wounds. Apart from the obvious morbidity to the patient, these problem wounds can be a major drain on the already scarce hospital resources. Sometimes, these chronic wounds can be more taxing than the(More)
Composite defects of the leg often involve microsurgical reconstruction. Microsurgery is technically demanding in post-trauma situations in very young children. There is renewed interest in cross leg flaps in this scenario. Children aged up to 5 years, who had open fractures or exposed bones in the leg, were followed up prospectively. Eight children, with a(More)
We report an unusual case of a large metallic foreign body embedded in the maxillary antrum leading to extensive bony destruction of the mid-face following a road side accident in a 12-year-old boy. There was extensive bony loss that necessitated reconstruction for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The same was accomplished by using split cranial bone(More)