Jerry R. Hobbs

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To score well in RTE3, and even more so to create good justifications for entailments, substantial lexical and world knowledge is needed. With this in mind, we present an analysis of a sample of the RTE3 positive entailment pairs, to identify where and what kinds of world knowledge are needed to fully identify and justify the entailment, and discuss several(More)
One of the big challenges in understanding text, i.e., constructing an overall coherent representation of the text, is that much information needed in that representation is unstated (implicit). Thus, in order to "fill in the gaps" and create an overall representation , language processing systems need a large amount of world knowledge, and creating those(More)
The X-ray crystal structure of a single-chain monellin protein (MNEI) has been determined at 1.15 A resolution. The model was refined to convergence employing anisotropic displacement parameters and riding H atoms to produce a final model with R(work) and R(free) values of 0.132 and 0.162, respectively. The crystal contains a single MNEI protein in the(More)
The most recent release of PDTB 2.0 contains annotations of senses of connectives. The PDTB 2.0 manual describes the hierarchical set of senses used in the annotation and offers rough semantic descriptions of each label. In this paper, we refine the semantics of concession substantially and offer a formal description of concessive relations and the(More)