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Patterns of load-sharing between the shoulder muscles during isometric flexion tasks were studied by using both a biomechanical shoulder model and electromyographic (EMG) recordings of ten subjects. The effect of changes in several model parameters and shoulder stiffness constraints on the predicted load-sharing patterns were studied, while the arm(More)
A static shoulder model including a novel muscular synergy principle for computing load sharing between the shoulder muscles is presented. This principle is feasible especially when analysing endurance-type activities. According to the principle, time elapsed from the start of the activity decreases the allowable muscle stress levels on the basis of the(More)
A variety of non-invasive techniques including hair snagging, snow-tracking, and remote cameras can be used to monitor mammalian carnivores. The National Interagency Canada Lynx Detection Survey (NLDS) was a survey designed to detect lynx with a hair-snagging protocol applied throughout the conterminous U.S. range of the lynx. Hare-snagging stations(More)
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