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Oligonucleotide‐directed mutagenesis for precision gene editing
Summary Differences in gene sequences, many of which are single nucleotide polymorphisms, underlie some of the most important traits in plants. With humanity facing significant challenges to increaseExpand
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Oligonucleotide-Mediated Genome Editing Provides Precision and Function to Engineered Nucleases and Antibiotics in Plants[OPEN]
Precise genome editing enables an herbicide tolerance trait in a commercially relevant crop by improving the outcome of DNA double strand break repair using single-stranded oligonucleotides. Here, weExpand
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Prevalence and natural host range of Homalodisca coagulata virus-1 (HoCV-1)
SummaryTransmission electron microscopy was used to confirm the presence of picorna-like virus particles presumed to be Homalodisca coagulata virus-1 (HoCV-1) in the midgut region of adultExpand
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CsHPt1, a putative histidine-containing phosphotransmitter protein induced during early somatic embryogenesis in Valencia sweet orange
A cDNA named CsHPt1 (forCitrussinensis histidine phosphotransmitter protein 1) containing a conserved domain characteristic of a twocomponent phosphorelay intermediate associated with signalExpand
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