Jerry L. Vogt

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Development was observed as three infant sets were born into a semi-naturalistic family group. Data on infant carrying through 12 weeks of age revealed that, at almost every week, the father carried more than the mother, and the males carried more than the females. Spatial data for the first two infant sets showed nearest neighbor distances supporting a(More)
  • Jerry L. Vogt
  • Folia primatologica; international journal of…
  • 1978
The social behavior, and particularly the spacing patterns, of a marmoset (Saguinus fuscicollis) group in a semi-naturalistic enclosure were observed for 14 months. Data analysis revealed various changes as the group grew in size from four to eventually six members. Weekly mean distances between the adult pair supported a spatial measure for estrus for the(More)
The behavioral patterns and social interaction of a marmoset (Saguinus fuscicollis) group in a semi-naturalistic environment were observed for 14 months. The analysis showed that, of the 32 behavior patterns observed, the 10 most frequent accounted for over 97 per cent of the total behavior. One pattern, sit and look, accounted for 44 per cent of the total(More)
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