Jerry L. Trahan

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Recently, many models using recon gurable optically pipelined buses have been proposed in the literature. We present simulations for a number of these models and establish that they possess the same complexity, so that any of these models can simulate a step of one of the other models in constant time with a polynomial increase in size. Speci cally, we(More)
We present an optimal and scalable permutation routing algorithm for three reconfigurable models based on linear arrays that allow pipelining of information through an optical bus. Specifically, for any P N, our algorithm routes any permutation of N elements on a P-processor model optimally in O( P) steps. This algorithm extends naturally to one for routing(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is a technology positioned between wavelength routing and optical packet switching that does not require optical buffering or packet-level parsing, and it is more efficient than circuit switching when the sustained traffic volume does not consume a full wavelength. However, several critical issues still need to be solved such(More)