Jerry L. Potter

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Today's increased computing speeds allow conventional sequential machines to effectively emulate associative computing techniques. We present a parallel programming paradigm called ASC (ASsociative Computing), designed for a wide range of computing engines. Our paradigm has an efficient associative-based, dynamic memory-allocation mechanism that does not(More)
A review of the massively parallel processor (MPP) is provided. The MPP, a single instruction, multiple data parallel computer with 16K processors being built for NASA by Goodyear Aerospace, can perform over six billion eight-bit adds and 1.8 billion eight-bit multiplies per second. Its SIMD architecture and immense computing power promise to make the MPP(More)
This paper describes an initial design of an associative processor for implementation using field-programmable logic devices (FPLDs). The processor is based loosely on earlier work on the STARAN computer, but updated to reflect modern design practices. We also draw on a large body of research at Kent State on the ASC and MASC models of associative(More)
The biological effect of type 1 interferons is proposed to arise in part from the conjugation of ubiquitin cross-reactive protein (UCRP), the ISG15 gene product, to intracellular target proteins in a process analogous to that of its sequence homolog ubiquitin, a highly conserved 8.6-kDa polypeptide whose ligation marks proteins for degradation via the 26 S(More)
Induction of the 17-kDa ubiquitin-like protein ISG15/UCRP and its subsequent conjugation to cellular targets is the earliest response to type I interferons. The polypeptide is synthesized as a precursor containing a carboxyl-terminal extension whose correct processing is required for subsequent ligation of the exposed mature carboxyl terminus. Recombinant(More)
In a paper presented last year at WMPP’01 [Walker01], we described the initial prototype of an associative processor implemented using field-programmable logic devices (FPLDs). That paper presented an overview of the design, and concentrated on the processor’s instruction set and its implementation using FPLDs. This paper describes the implementation of the(More)
Real-time tasks for command and control systems are too large or too complex for one processor to handle. Simply adding more CPUs does not result in a linear increase in performance. Current comparative analysis of parallel algorithms does not accurately reflect the increased cost of scheduling when more processors are added. A case is made that associative(More)
1. The activity of a particulate enzyme prepared from encysting cells of Acanthamoeba castellanii (Neff), previously shown to catalyze the incorporation of glucose from UDP-[14C]glucose into both alkali-soluble and alkali-insoluble beta-(1 leads to 4) glucans, was stimulated several fold by glucose-6-phosphate and several related compounds. 2. Incorporation(More)