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Seventy-five adult human mandibles were examined to determine the size, orientation, and position of the mental foramen. The average size of the foramen was found to be larger on the left side of the mandible and its usual direction of exit was in a posterior-superior direction. The most common location of the mental foramen was inferior to the crown of the(More)
Evolutionarily conserved noncoding genomic sequences represent a potentially rich source for the discovery of gene regulatory regions. However, detecting and visualizing compositionally similar cis-element clusters in the context of conserved sequences is challenging. We have explored potential solutions and developed an algorithm and visualization method(More)
Panoramic radiographs were made of 75 dry, adult human mandibles. The size and position of the mental foramen in relation to the second premolar was determined. The mental foramen on panographic radiographs was slightly larger than reported on periapical radiographs. The average position of the foramen was mesial and below the radiographic apex of the(More)
Solar wind plasma observations made by the Ulysses spacecraft through -80.2 degrees solar latitude and continuing equatorward to -40.1 degrees are summarized. Recurrent high-speed streams and corotating interaction regions dominated at middle latitudes. The speed of the solar wind was typically 700 to 800 kilometers per second poleward of -35 degrees .(More)
Received —; accepted –—-_— —-–—–.. —. 2 Abstract. Wcprescnt astuclyof 153 fast shock waves and their relation toother large-scale features in the solar wind: corotating interaction regions (CIRs), interplanetary counterparts of coronal mass ejections (ICMES) and the magnelic sector structure, observed by Ulysses from October 1990 to tl]e south solar pc)lar(More)
The microbial reduction of Fe(III) and U(VI) was investigated in shallow aquifer sediments collected from subsurface flood deposits near the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River in Washington State. Increases in 0.5 N HCl-extractable Fe(II) were observed in incubated sediments and (57)Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy revealed that Fe(III) associated with(More)
The sorption of hydrophobic organic comPounds on mineral-associated peat humic acid @' HA) was evaluated under different pH and electrolyte regimes. Relative size distribution measurements indicated that PHA was " coiled " in solution at high ionic strength (I) and elongated at low I. The sorption of PHA to hematite and kaolinite varied with I and(More)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has assisted 30 of the 48 conterminous states in completing statistically designed surveys of indoor 222Rn over the past 4 y. In all states, the lowest livable level of 43,054 randomly selected houses was tested using charcoal canisters exposed for 48 h. The sampled population included owner-occupied ground-level(More)
Seventy-five adult human mandibles were radiographed with a paralleling technique to determine the ability to visualize the mental foramen as well as its size and position. The foramen was seen on 75% of the horizontal periapical radiographs examined. When the foramen was not visualized, is was usually below the inferior edge of the film. The radiographic(More)
From September 1991 to October 1992, the cosmic dust detector on the Ulysses spacecraft recorded 11 short bursts, or streams, of dust. These dust grains emanated from the jovian system, and their trajectories were strongly affected by solar wind magnetic field forces. Analyses of the on-board measurements of these fields, and of stream approach directions,(More)